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December 11, 2012 / Wine in Tami Time

Still Pinot Noir from Champagne!

Still Pinot Noir from Champagne!

My friend TJ brought this home for me about a year ago from Champagne. I had no idea when the right time would be to open it, but being thirsty and in for the night made tonight the night.
The cork stumped me for just a second. I figured I ought to go about as I would a proper bubbly, and it worked.

CCPN cork
Until a year ago, I didn’t even realize that the Champenois bottled still pinot, but with as light and acidic as it is, I’m not surprised it’s not more popular. I enjoy the lightness almost as much as the novelty, but most would not. It does have a beautiful dark cherry nose that is opening up more smoky, cedar incense-like.

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