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December 11, 2012 / Wine in Tami Time

Golden Floral Peaches

Tuesday December 4th, we tasted six Viogniers at the Grapevine. My top three most represented how I expect Viognier to taste. I’ve tasted other, more lean, minerally styles that I like, but don’t seem so essentially viognier. Maybe I just like the obvious ones because they are much easier to pick out blind.

I just finished Perfect Pairings by Evan Goldstein MS and Joyce Goldstein, and I was intrigued that he uses this varietal in as many pairings as he does. Warrants some exploration here at home.

Here are my top three, all are from the 2011 vintage. For the others visit

Eberle “Mill Road Vineyard” Paso Robles – this wine is what I think of when I think of viognier, all ripe yellow apple, peach, and apricot with lush white flowers and vanilla. Hints of asparagus and a touch of bitter on the palate to provide balance.

Melville “Estate – Verna’s” Santa Barbara County – at 15.8% alcohol, this was hot on the nose, but I enjoyed how rich and round it was on the palate. Was it the fruit or the booze that drove the finish? Either way, it was nice. I see lots of ladies digging this one.

Peachy Canyon “Concrete Blanc” Paso Robles – I voted this as my #3 because it had a longer richer finish than the Curtis from Santa Barbara, even though the Curtis had more happening in terms of fruit, spices and a stone minerality.

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