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It all began with Rosemont Cab/Shiraz blend. When I first dated my husband, I would bring a bottle over to his house and we’d drink it and listen to music. At the time I was in college at Mira Costa, working at Club Fumar, a cigar lounge. After the cigar lounge closed, I worked as a barista at PJ’s Coffee and Tea, a franchise out of New Orleans. “Mix in some decaf, baby!” Mike would say to me when I came home at midnight jacked up on coffee.

I aspired to broadcasting. I wanted to call baseball games in Spanish in Mexico. My boss got me a job at Channel 4 San Diego. The classic film Anchorman came out during my tenure, it was a magical time! I transferred to San Diego State and scored a slot at KCR, doing a rock and blues show that would last nine years. I landed an internship at a local show called Fox Rox which featured indie and local music. Claim to fame: I did Blonde Redhead’s first television interview. Plus I met tons of bands and went to shows every week. Within all this, I quit PJ’s and worked at Hemingway’s, another cigar lounge. Gradually I realized that I was more interested in the restaurant business than television.

I love drinking wine, but until the night my GM Alex sat me down with a crate of white Burgundies, a spit bucket, a tasting grid and a wine book that I no longer remember, I was a casual consumer. Since the White Burg night, I have focused on almost nothing but wine. I love talking about wine as much, maybe more than actually drinking it. My friend Chris turned me on to the Court of Master Sommeliers and I passed the Introductory and Certified levels in 2007. Wine and Spirits Magazine named me one of the six Best New Sommeliers in 2014. I got my first Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator in 2015 for my wine list at Juniper and Ivy.

So what do I like to drink? Medium bodied, higher acid and earth, typically old world, usually white. I have a new favorite every week. Since I began tasting with The California Grapevine, I’ve come to realize that I am a sucker for high intensity floral aromatics.

One of the fun things about wine, is that one’s taste evolves and while it is quite unlikely that I will buy Rosemont again, I will love that Terra Barossa Shiraz reminds me of the wine drinker I used to be. I will say that my very favorite thing about wine is that I can be as studious as I want for the rest of my life and I will never know everything. I’m just going to enjoy the journey.


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